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Tuesday, March 02, 2010


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I really like this post Melony. Speaks to me because I am in exactly the same place transition-wise. But I am paralysed by inaction and I can feel the pressure mounting to do something- anything. Today I am using all my will power to get up form the computer and actually organise and declutter.

ZoeAnn Yussman

This post is screaming "ZOEANN PAY ATTENTION"... although we shed much stuff when we moved 2 yrs ago, I still have boxes of stuff from the past...that emotional baggage stuff...I know I should get rid of it, just paralyzed and don't.

I am going to look at all the books, blogs you mentioned. I WILL de clutter and shed my issues this year!!

Thanks Melanie for your shove.


Mridula & ZoeAnn - I am so with you my friends!!! I, too, suffer from occassional paralysis - especially when it comes to purging "stuff". But I must say that it feels soooo good now that I've gotten started. It's all in the baby steps! And the first steps are always the hardest.

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